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We can extract grafts from any part of body.

Hair in the eyebrows may go lesser due to many reasons like Alopecia, facial injury, over plucking, scars etc. At Shri Hari Skin Clinic, it is possible to regain your lost eyebrows and feel good about yourself.

Now Hair transplant is possible for your beard as well.

Loss of beard is usually because of scar, burns or decreased/absent beard. For the transplantation, hair could be taken from scalp or any body part depending upon the density required. At Shri Hari Skin Clinic, this is a very usual process.

Hair transplantation is possible for the mustache as well.

Loss of hair in the mustache may be the result of trauma, leprosy, burns or some critical accident.

The absence of required hair in the mustache affects the looks of the person adversely.


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"Now i can have my full beared, earlier i fill depressed. Thanks to shri hari skin clinic.

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