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At Shri Hari Skin Clinic, we offer best hair transplant in Surat and hair loss treatment to patients from Surat Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Vapi, Valsad, Navsari, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Rajkot, Mumbai, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

We also have performed many hair transplant surgery of patients from U.K., U.S.A, Canada, Australia, UAE, Dubai, NRI etc.

Hair loss and thinning of hair are common problems in men and women. Almost all males experience some form of hair loss in their life time, and almost one in five women experience some degree of hair loss. The main cause of baldness is hereditary, pollution and stress.

Some men have baldness only in the front or only in the vertex, where as others are more extensively bald. But almost all men have hair at their back and sides. The hair in these areas are permanent and do not fall.

In hair transplant surgery it is from this area (back and sided) that hair is taken and transplanted to the front and vertex by mini or micro graft technique. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia and patient goes home immediately after surgery.

Who Should Undergo Hair Transplant ?

  • Persons in whom balding hair line is stabilized.
  • Baldness causing emotional trauma &depression.
  • Post traumatic scar with Alopecia. 
  • Person should have adequate donor area other wise hair from other part of body can also be used.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

Follicular unit transplanting (FUT) via strip harvesting. In FUT technique, a strip of hair is removed from the safe donor area under local Anesthesia. A narrow strip of hair about 6-10mm in width is harvested. The strip size is determined by the density of hair in the safe donor area, the size of the recipient area and the planned density in the recipient area. Then the donor area is closed primarily ,leaving no residual bald area. From this strip individual hair follicles are separated into groups of 1-5 hair .These plugs are transplanted in the bald area. With this method, large amounts of hair follicles can be transplanted in one session.



Follicular unit Extraction (FUE)

The advantage of this procedure is that there is no scar. Post operative period is relatively eventless means less pain and Edema. In this procedure with special instruments follicles are harvested one-by-one under local anesthesia from the safe donor area and then placed or you can say transplanted one-by-one over the recipient site. With this method less follicles can be transplanted in one session, but there are other advantages like there is no suturing required, so no scar.



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For appointment or any question contact us to make an appointment with Surat leading dermatologist Dr Mahendra Vaghasiya. Equipped with many years of experience in treating patients with HAIR LOSS, he will evaluate your condition and discuss the treatment options with you. You may also send an email by filling Enquiry form at and our team will respond to your questions or appointment request as soon as possible.


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"I went to Shree Hari Skin Clinic with hair fall and receding hair line issue. Must say the doctor listened to my problem very patiently and advised me Hair Transplant Surgery with some medication. The surgery has completely changed my look. I look much younger and after 6 months now my hair density is very good. Great professional service In reasonable price."
Mr Rajesh Sharma
ONGC Employee

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